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Please follow the link here for the full briefing from IPSEA (Independent Provider of Special Education Advice). We understand that this is a very challenging time, and the uncertainty is impacting on families. The briefing covers the following questions that may help:

  • What are children and young people with SEN’s entitlements when schools are closed?
  • What if I don’t want to send my child to school, for example because they have a weakened immune system?
  • If my child has an EHC plan, doesn’t the LA have a legal duty to deliver that provision?
  • Will residential schools close?
  • If my child was out of school before the school closures were ordered, do I still have an entitlement to alternative education?
  • How long are schools likely be closed?
  • What about home to school transport?
  • Do the LA still need to carry out EHC needs assessments?
  • Will SEND Tribunal appeals continue?
  • Will annual reviews still need to be carried out?

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