On the 18th April we shared the Council for Disabled Children’s first FAQ document. They have now released Part Two, which you can access by following the link below.


Some of the questions/topics covered are:

  • What to do if you are supporting an adult with specific needs – can you go outside together for things such as shopping?
  • Changes to employer expectations on staff attending work – especially when you have a child with SEND
  • Changes to benefits and how to apply during coronavirus lockdown
  • Dealing with residential settings – particularly considering the changes to the law
  • What expectations parents/carers should have on schools regarding differentiated tasks and activities for children with EHCPs (or with SEN support)
  • The impact on social care (such as respite).
  • The impact on health services for those with learning difficulties and disabilities
  • Many questions about how to effectively shield whilst still dealing with personal care and social distancing.
  • Issues around risk assessments and how these will be handled.

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