You will find a variety of our resources on this page. We aim to provide accessible information to parents/carers, professionals and children/young people. You will find that many of the topics have different types of resources, including “Detailed Packs”, “Children & Young People” and “Easy Read”. We have also produced our resources in both colour and greyscale.

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An introduction to the Annual Review process for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). For our free training on Annual Review, please visit our Training Page.

For help in gaining Children and Young People's views in their Annual Review, see our Interactive Picture Card Activity.

An introduction to Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP). For our free training on EHCP’s, please visit our Training Page.

For help in gaining Children and Young People's views in their EHCP, see our Interactive Picture Card Activity.

All families will come into contact with the NHS at some point for healthcare, but if your child has a disability or health condition then you may find you use lots of different services provided by the NHS and have more frequent contact with health professionals.

On our Health Care page, you may find some pointers and organisations that may help you, your child/young person or your family when it comes to healthcare for those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

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Do you feel that your child/young person needs more support in their educational setting? Do you need to know how to request more help from their educational setting? Would you like to know what you can do as a parent/carer of a child with Special Educational Needs (SEN)?

Our Pre-Needs Assessment packs can give you some more information about the process.

Is your child approaching Year 9? Do you want to know what choices are available for your child? Are you looking for support to help your child transition in to adulthood?

Are you about to have a meeting at your child or young persons school or college? Would you like to feel more prepared for the meeting? Would you like to know where you can find further support?

Are you a professional working with children and young people with SEND?
Would you like a little more guidance on how to involve CYP in your work with them?
Our handy resources may give you some starting points:

After making a request for a Statutory Assessment for your child/young person, you may receive a "Refusal to Assess" letter from the Local Authority. Our helpful booklet can guide you through your options.

If you would like our support with this, please get in touch.

IPSEA have also produced a long and detailed Refusal to Assess Support Pack
You can find more resources on the IPSEA website or visit our Resources and Organisations page.

Local authorities have a legal responsibility to help families with disabled children. Many children have additional needs and disabilities, and some are more severely affected than others. Some disabled children, their parents/carers and siblings will need practical support both inside the home and outside it.

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When applying for an Education, Health and Care Plan you may find some errors. You, your child/young person or the school may choose to Appeal a decision that has been made. The following links will give you access to our resources.

If you are going through an appeal and would like our help, please get in touch.

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