Thank you and welcome to our Annual Review Online Workshop.

The Annual Review workshop is available in a series of short presentations or a full 20 minute video. You can work through at your own pace. Our SENDIASS officer Natasha has provided a voice-over for each page, simply press the ‘play’ icon (or speaker) on each page, and she will guide you through the Annual Review process.

If you have any questions, or require the content to be made accessible to your needs, please email

Part One

  • Aims for the entire workshop
  • Introduction to SENDIASS Leicester
  • Brief introduction to the EHCP
  • Relevant legal documents
  • Introduction to the Annual Review
  • How to prepare for the Annual Review
  • The 5 Stages of the Annual Review process

Part Two

  • The 5 Stages of the Annual Review process
  • 1: Gather views, wishes & feelings from parents/carers and professionals
  • 2: Invitations to all involved
  • 3: The meeting
  • 4: Prepare the report
  • 5: Decisions and amendments

Part Three

  • Sections of the EHCP that are discussed at the Annual Review
  • A: Views & Aspirations of the child/young person and their parents/carers
  • B: Educational Needs
  • C: Health Needs
  • D: Social Care Needs
  • E: Outcomes
  • F: Educational Provision
  • G: Health Care Provision
  • H1 & H2: Social Care Provision
  • I: School
  • J: Personal Budget

Part Four

  • What happens next?
  • Timeline of the Annual Review
  • Specific Situations
  • Reviews for children aged 0-5
  • Reviews for children in transfer phase
  • Y9+ (Preparing for Adulthood)
  • Request Re-Assessment
  • Interim Reviews or Emergency Reviews
  • Ceasing the EHCP
  • Further support

This ends the workshop.


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Personal Budget: Transport

A Personal Transport Budget is a payment designed to help you to get your child to and from school.

It is available to children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) who have been assessed as eligible to receive Home to School transport by Leicester City Council. You can find more on the Local Offer website, including how to apply.

We have been kindly given a small presentation for you to find out more, and an Information and Guidance document for 2020/21.

Personal Transport Budgets: An Alternative Way to Travel

Personal Transport Budgets  

SEND Transport 2020/21 Academic Year 
Information and Guidance for Parents, Guardians and Carers 


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